Hey, I'm Jeremy.

I'm a full-stack web developer currently builing apps at General Assembly (SYD). I used to be at Essential Media Communications as a Digital Campaign Coordinator working on the digital strategy of a bunch of NFP's and political organisations. Code: https://github.com/arimado Resume: [pdf]

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My first Three.js Application
Create and design t-shirts in real-time with your friends.
A real-time chat application that only allows you to communicate with Emojis, using a very cool predictive text/emoji neural network API from Dango.
An art project on the construction of online identities.
Choose your own adventure game based on my favourite movie of all time: The Fast and the Furious
An online student publication. Re-launch pending.
A web game I made where you are Gina Rineharts levitating head and you spit money at people to save Australia. (I apologise for making this)
Started a small digital marketing study-group
Just a bunch of silly stuff.
A fictional video game trailer about stopping the boats.
Part of a campaign at Macquarie University to deter people from plagiarising
A student murders his friend over plagiarism.
It was made after the Labor leadership spill, I came up with something that was relevant and fast to execute to keep up with the event.
A dude is struck by a star. Then becomes a star. Then flies away.
A soccer player doesn't play as well as he used to because of drugs.
A trailer you didn't know you needed.
Australian politics in a trailer.
A short film I directed.
A video commissioned by TEDxMQ.